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“Welcome to Carson City” Outdoor Mural

About the mural

The mural is an illustration of the words, “Welcome to Carson City,” featuring an attribute of Carson City depicted within each letter, highlighting the City’s and Nevada’s history and many offerings. The illustrations were painted in monochromatic blues, outlined in a silver border adding dimension to the mural. Beneath the city’s namesake, is a photo of Abraham Curry, founder of Carson City, including the year the city was founded in 1858. The Brewery Arts Center was responsible for the installation of the mural on the north wall of the building.

This mural was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carson City, Carson City Cultural Commission, Consolidated Municipality of Carson City, Kaplan Family Trust and Visit Carson City.

Click on the letters below to learn more about each letter and their significance to Carson City.

Meet The Artist

Abner Rivera is an award-winning freelance artist/muralist producing quality art that has encompassed a wide variety of subject matter. His art can be found in both public and private venues across the country. Abner’s versatile ability to work in a broad variety of media such as acrylic, oil paint, airbrush and aerosols has allowed him to use his artistic expression, imagination, and initiative to develop new approaches to meet the needs and aspirations of his clients and gathers direct input from the community and its leaders. Abner’s murals typically involve a display of the area’s history, historic landmarks. The artist's imaginative approach reaches and inspires the younger generation of the country’s future leaders. The public benefits from the development of community pride from the visual and educational experience of his well-crafted, colorful murals. They also have a subtle long-term benefit by inspiring a sense of community as well as an appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment extending well beyond the walls that displayed them.