The “A” Represents Nevada’s rich mining history. 

Mining history runs deep in Nevada. Following the discovery of gold and silver on the nearby Comstock Lode in 1859, Carson City became a thriving commercial center. To their astonishment and delight of its citizens, the discovery of the Comstock Lode brought Carson City to life as a freight and transportation center. Abe Curry, then built the crude Warm Springs Hotel a mile to the east, and when Carson City was selected as the territorial capital in 1861, leased it to the Legislature as a meeting hall. The legislature established Carson City as the seat of Ormsby County (named for one of the dead “heroes” at the Battle of Pyramid Lake). Carson City became especially important when The United States Mint in Carson City was completed in 1869, where the silver was then minted that was mined from Virginia City; it is today the site of the Nevada State Museum, a museum beloved by locals and visitors and a must do on your visit.