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Historic Railways


Historic Railroads

Following the discovery of rich silver and gold deposits in Virginia City, it soon became apparent that something beside freight wagons was needed to carry heavy ore from the mines to the mills along the Carson River for refining. To address these needs, the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company was established in March 1868. Today, visitors can ride the historic train up to Virginia City, take a ride into Carson Canyon and learn more about the railroad heritage of Nevada at the Nevada State Railroad Museum and the Nevada State Museum.

There is no shortage of railroad history in Carson City. With two options to ride the historic trains and opportunities to dive into the history in our museums Carson City is the perfect stop for train enthusiasts.

All aboard! 

All Aboard

Watch and see how fun train history can be here in Carson City. It's easy to immerse yourself and the family in incredible train experiences in the capital city.

New Attraction: Railbikes

Explore Carson City’s newest attraction at the V&T Railway Eastgate Depot! These “Made in America” rail bikes are innovative, and easy-to-pedal. Individuals, families or friend groups can easily access the breathtaking beauty of Carson River Canyon and with comfort.

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