Miracle March Preparedness List: Indoor Activities Around Carson City

Written by local Shelby Holte

Let’s set the scene: You’ve officially swapped the ski rack on your car for your mountain bike rack. You’ve downgraded from waterproof hiking boots back to running shoes. It’s that beautiful glimmer of a season where it somehow makes sense to wear shorts and a sweatshirt. You, my friend, are ready for Spring.

Suddenly, the Eastern slope of the Sierras engages its creative side. This isn’t really Spring—it’s a season locally known as Northern Nevada False Spring. The skiers’ delight called Miracle March is coming…or is it?

For those new to the area, it’s not uncommon for winter to give Carson City and the surrounding areas one last hurrah in the month of March. Snow lovers rejoice at the idea, and those who have bid farewell to the cold begrudgingly keep their wool socks at the ready.

Take heart, summer souls. We’ve prepared a list of ways to keep spirits high until it’s your time to shine.  Listed below are our favorite ways to unwind indoors around Carson City in addition to visiting our museums.

Carson Raceway

I can already hear you saying “Whaaaat? We have go-karts?” I know the feeling. They’re not your average go-karts either. Carson City is home Carson Raceway, an indoor slick track go-kart facility. You read that right. Fast, but hopefully not furious, you’ll find yourself drifting the corners and gunning the straightaways of this huge track. In addition to just walk in tickets, the raceway can also be privately rented for events and parties upon request. Miracle March can take its time. We’re busy perfecting our drift.


You’ve had your thrill on the racetrack—now for the thrill of the hunt. Engage your love of history and stories of the past while searching for the perfect treasure at our many local antique stores. Whether you’re hunting for a vintage dress for your next event, or a clawfoot tub to build an herb garden, our local antique dealers are sure to have just the right thing. Many of the dealers know each other and recommend each other’s shops as well, letting you know you’re in good hands. Take an afternoon and see if you can explore the whole network of Carson City antique shops! The possibilities are endless.

Thrift Until You Drop

Looking to combine the thrill of the hunt with the thrill of the discount? Look no further than the top tier thrift shops around town. So you got punked into thinking it was actually Spring, and you started your seasonal cleaning… no big deal. Miracle March is a great time to purge the closet and donate it to our thrift shops, many of whom use the proceeds to power incredible humanitarian needs around town. Nobody is judging if after you donate, you take a lap through the store too. Who doesn’t love sustainable shopping and a new piece for your wardrobe? You know… for when real Spring arrives. Efficiency tip: While there are many thrift shops around Carson City, head east on Highway 50 to find three of them bunched right together. Happy hunting!


What better activity to do inside than to prepare your body to perform its best outside? Carson City is home to an array of different types of gyms and fitness centers, ensuring you’ll have an outlet for whatever type of movement you’re craving. Whether its mixed martial arts, yoga, or a date with the barbell, there is community waiting here for you. Check out the Community Center or the MAC for sports-based movement opportunities, too!


Listen, I don’t know if you just completed this year’s CrossFit Open, or if you met your match on the jiu jitsu mats but hey, we all need a little reset sometimes. Head on over to The Firm Cryospa and Wellness Center to repair those muscles you just worked at the gym. Boasting a gorgeous, plant-filled interior and state of the art wellness services, serenity is waiting for you at The Firm. My personal favorite amenity is the Infrared Sauna.

Private Indoor Hot Springs

Keep the wellness streak alive with a soak in one of Carson Hot Springs’ private indoor pools. Rentable by the hour, the private pools are a great way to relax and keep your spirits high on a day when the outdoors are not an option. Of course, if the sun comes out during your session, be sure to enjoy the outdoor pools as well.


Amidst all these hours thrifting, racing, and practicing self-care, you’ve surely worked up an appetite by now. You’re in good hands in Carson City. Whether you have certain food restrictions, or you’re free to roam about the menu, our local chefs and line cooks are great at what they do. Eat up! You’ll be fueled for your next adventure in no time.

Bowl a Perfect Game

Ready for a fast fact that will put Carson City on your radar for life? We’re home to not one, but two bowling alleys. Oh yes, bowling for all. With the role our neighboring city of Reno plays in hosting professional bowling events each year, its critical we have room for locals and families alike to engage in the sport together. Find open lanes in the Gold Dust West, or at Carson Lanes.

Catch a Movie!

Let me tell you about the first time I went to the Galaxy Fandango theater here in town. My husband and I had just moved to the area and it was date night. Snacks, drinks, the works. I was already surprised by the comfort of the red theater chairs when I turned to my husband and asked, “What does this button do?” I pushed it. My chair started to recline. My jaw dropped. There’s no looking back now. Luxury theater is the only way to go. Next time False Spring has you cornered with a Winter Storm Warning, catch a film on the big screen with your feet up. It really is the good life.

We’ve had this chat before: there statistically are only 43 precipitation days per year in Carson City. Odds are, the sun with be back on your side of town soon, but if you happen to catch a grey cloud, exploring and supporting our local activities-based businesses will do the heart good. Happy exploring!