Why Forbes Named Carson City ‘#1 Place to Travel to Avoid the Pandemic’

Carson City topped the list of the best cities in America to travel to avoid the pandemic. Peter Lane Taylor, the Forbes article author, explains how he came to the conclusion that put Carson City as the front runner; “To compile this list, I overlaid more than half a dozen maps and criteria like the CDC COVID Data Tracker, the Harvard-Brown COVID Risk Level Map, and TripAdvisor reviews, including current case counts, population density, average weather, public health guidance, proximity to outdoor activities, and drive times from at least two major American metropolises. I also looked at new cases per 100,000 people, 7-day rolling averages, total cases, and total deaths to assess the current coronavirus infection risk relative to historical trends dating back to the beginning of the pandemic.”

But we don’t need layers of information to tell you why it’s a great time to visit Carson City, if you’re ready to travel again. The article will tell you, “The upside (of Carson City): One of Nevada’s most historic city’s settled during the silver boom of the late 1800s. Minutes from world famous Lake Tahoe, the bright lights and casinos of Reno, historic Virginia City which was once the largest silver town in America, and all the outdoor adventure one can handle in the Sierra Nevada mountains including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and RVing.”

Our proximity and ease to access some of northern Nevada’s most notable attractions makes Carson City the centerpoint of your northern Nevada experience. But let us tell you all the things IN Carson City that makes it a surprise and delight for those who discover Nevada’s capital.

Epic, Easily-Accessible Outdoor Recreation

With trails just five minutes from downtown you can grab an amazing breakfast and be on the trail in the blink of an eye. One of the most popular options is the Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail. Head up Kings Street until it dead ends to the trailhead and within a quarter mile you can feast your eyes on a 25-foot cascading waterfall. Our easy trail access keeps you away from the crowds and in the fresh air for as long as your heart desires. If mountain biking is your drug of choice, you can also access the Ash-to-Kings Trail from here too, a local favorite. Have an ATV? Head to the Pinenut Mountains or Prison Hill for the ride of your life. Oh, and did we mention we’re just 25 minutes from the shores of Lake Tahoe?

History Lives and Adventure Awaits

We’ve mentioned the trails but Nevada’s capital city is also host to numerous museums and galleries. From the Nevada State Museum, to the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada to the Nevada State Railroad Museum to the new Stewart Indian School Cultural Center and Museum there’s a history lesson waiting for all ages. The Kit Carson Trail, a historic self-guided walking tour, is one of our most popular attractions. But, if you’re looking to combine adventure and history into one, then look no further than the Carson Canyon Railbike Tours. Having just launched last year, they’re a popular attraction and rightfully so!

The Views and the Weather

Settled in Eagle Valley, Carson City is quite literally surrounded by mountains. With the Sierra Nevada to the west and the Pinenut Mountain Range to the east, it’s where the desert meets the mountains. That means you don’t have to hike or drive far for the Instagrammable moment. Sure, we get all four season here, but ask any Midwesterner when they get here if the winters are nice and they’ll say, “they’re amazing!” in comparison. With little humidity, our summers are hot and our winter highs sit in the 40s and 50s. Bring your jacket for chilly nights, but otherwise, our 300+ days of sunshine a year makes Carson City and active hub year-round and it’s inhabitants happy people.

The Charm

We hear the word “charming” often from our visitors when describing our downtown area. With boutique shops, incredible dining options, and mountain views, not to mention our numerous events held downtown (hopefully coming back soon), it’s our hub and must-see when visiting. But it’s not just our city that’s charming, it’s our people too. Our locals are welcoming and surely passionate about their hometown. Carson City knows no stranger. While you’re here it’s not uncommon to find yourself in delightful conversation with a local getting the inside scoop on their favorite places in town.

We hope you’ll discover all the great things about Carson City for yourself soon!