Carson City sits right in the middle of one of the most picturesque regions in the country. With over 300 days of blue skies, you are always in the right spot for the right shot.  Whether you are trying to capture that award winning sunrise or sunset shot, or you are seeking the excitement of following a herd of wild horses, we have something to catch your eye.  Wild life, architecture, nature, and more make Carson City the perfect place to visit for a photography road trip.



Most Photographed Spot

The Capitol Building ”“ Build out of local sandstone in 1871, the Capitol building is photogenic on all 4 corners.  The building is as ornate as it is historic and the grounds have some of the most mature landscaping and trees in the city. Any time of the year a striking image can be captured.  You may even see our local herd of deer grazing on the capitol’s lawn. This is why a trip to Carson City is not complete without a stroll through the grounds, so why not bring your camera and get that vacation shot worth bragging about.


Best Spot For Wildlife

Silver Saddle Ranch ”“  Access Silver Saddle Ranch from the northeast side of the Prison Hill Recreation Area and west of the Carson River along Carson River Road. Another access point is through Carson River Park just another quarter mile down the road. This open space area is part of a historic working ranch, and the riparian area is a wildlife photographers dream. The Carson River creates an oasis that draws a diverse array of animals.  Depending on the season one can see different migratory birds, coyote, wild horses, water fowl, deer, beaver, reptiles, ranch animals, and more.


Best Spot For Landscapes

Prison Hill & “C”Hill ”“ To get that amazing landscape shot, you have to climb up above the distractions of the valley. Prison Hill is to the east and offers great views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Mt. Rose to Jobs Peak.  It also offers a birds eye view of the Carson River just on the other side. “C” Hill to the west is unmistakable with its white “C” and large american flag.  This climb rewards you with 360 degree views like no other.  Both locations have multiple access points and can be steep or rocky in some areas, but are totally worth the effort. There is no feeling like being on the top of a mountain”¦ or a hill for this matter.


Best Spot For Architecture

The Blue Line Trail ”“ The buildings throughout the historic west side date back to the 1800’s.  A walk on the Blue Line Trail takes you past some of the oldest buildings in Carson City and the homes of some of the most influential citizens in Nevada and American history, like Mark Twain.  Many different architectural styles are represented through throughout the neighborhoods and downtown reflecting the many influences across time.  A tour would not be complete with out a stop at the spectacular Governor’s Mansion, and the “only of its kind in the west” The Laxalt Building. Check out the buildings of the Blue Line Here!


Best Spot For Street Photography

Downtown Carson City ”“ The daily hustle of downtown Carson City is a great place to capture the people and the feel for the capital of Nevada. Hang out between Carson St. and Curry St. from 4th St. to Robinson St. for the most action weekday or weekend. Maybe you will catch a politician racing to a meeting, or taking a break at a local coffee shop.

If you want to catch downtown Carson City at it’s best”¦ come during an event! The streets are closed and packed with people for food, drink, and music. Some of our favorites are Nevada Day, Taste Of Downtown, and Blinky Man Bike Ride!


Best Spot In Carson City to Shoot Lake Tahoe

Chimney Beach ”“ Yes, Carson City has beach front property.  On Hwy 28, between Spooner Lake and Sand Harbor, are a number of hidden coves and small beaches. Chimney Beach has a small but defined parking lot on the east side of the road with a well marked and defined trail on the west side of the road. Well below the trail head, take the moderate hike down to the sandy beach with the ability to branch off and explore trails all up and down the lake shore.  Crystal clear water, clean sand, and an old chimney make this the perfect spot for that epic Lake Tahoe Shot. Be sure to stay for the sunset!

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