The Capital Odyssey Relay is a relay from Carson City, Nevada’s Capital City, to Reno. This relay is on the last 12 legs of the RTO course. It joins the RTO in progress. It is only on RTO Saturday.

Those 12 legs total about 54 miles.

You will start just south of Carson City at the big strip mall where there is a Super Walmart there. This is Exchange Point No. 24 of the RTO course which is the end of Leg 24 and the beginning of Leg 25. You will finish at the Finish Line Festival in Reno along with all of the RTO and Comstock Odyssey Relay teams.

Start times will be early on RTO Saturday morning from approximately 2:45 a.m. to 7 a.m. depending on your team’s projected total time to complete this relay.

The maximum number of runners that you can have on your team is six (6). For six (6) person teams each runner will run two (2) legs. For four (4) person teams each runner will run three (3) legs. For three (3) person teams each runner will run four (4) legs. You set up your runner line-up for your team. You should run in the order of your line-up. Race178 does not need to receive your line-up.