Join American Heritage Partners for a Festive Evening Entertainment:

American Jezebel: Anne Hutchinson, America’s First Female Freedom Fighter

May 25, 2024 at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, Nevada


Continuing its mission to offer educational programs devoted to significant moments in American history, on May 25 American Heritage Partners will host an evening event dedicated to the story of Anne Hutchinson, whose name is forever associated with the fight for religious freedom in America. In the 1630’s, she rose from obscurity in the Massachusetts Bay Colony to confront the Colony’s government over its oppression of religious dissenters who did not abide by the strict theology of the Puritan faith. In 1637, matters came to a head: she was arrested, tried and convicted of heresy, and banished from the Colony. Yet, Anne continued to fight for religious freedom after moving to the new Colony of Providence Plantations, a haven for religious dissenters of all kinds, where Anne continue to preach to large numbers of people who followed her to Providence.

To tell the story of Anne Hutchinson, AHP has engaged one of Northern Nevada’s most talented chautauquas, Kim Harris. A local favorite, Ms. Harris has given scores of performances in which she has portrayed major female figures in American history— all strong women with compelling personal stories. For this event, Ms. Harris will debut her performance of Anne Hutchinson, presenting Anne’s story in memorable fashion. You will not want to miss this first-ever performance!

The evening festivities will start at 5:30 p.m. in the Concourse of the Nevada State Museum in downtown Carson City. Ms. Harris will perform from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., followed by a buffet dinner in the South Concourse. Adding to the fun, the Museum is offering free admission to the Museum earlier in the day to registered guests. Attendees can also participate in our raffle, which will feature a number of fun items. Winners will be announced at the end of the evening’s program.

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend? Come visit Nevada’s premier museum, enjoy the performance, and then join us for dinner in the beautiful South Gallery, all for one price. Parking is free.


Note:  this event will be co-hosted by four prominent societies in Northern Nevada: The Nevada State Genealogical Society; the Nevada Society of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America; the Nevada Mayflower Society; and the Juditch Jefferson Farrar chapter of the Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century.  Attendees will be able to learn more about these societies, view their display tables, and speak with their representatives.