Shake, Blend, Ascend: Local Drinks to Fuel Your Summer Adventures in Carson City

The best place in Carson City to grab a refreshing drink..

Written by local Shelby Holte

This one goes out to the desk jockey with a collection of cups, bottles and mugs next to your computer monitor. To the road warrior who purchased their vehicle on the basis of its clutch cupholder placement, who loves the ceremony of demoting an empty cup to the passenger’s side cupholder and filling the prime, driver’s side location with a fresh iced coffee for the miles ahead, this list is for you.

If at any point in recent Black Friday history, the biggest, baddest blender money can buy has been at the top of your list, read on, fellow hydration guru. And finally, to the digital creative who takes pride in being triple parked at the coffee shop with only your laptop and the holy trinity of drink lineups (one for hydration, one for energy, and one for fuel, of course), bust out your reusable straws. Carson City’s locally owned shops are stocked and ready to keep you fueled for whatever adventures your summer calendar holds.

The Mix

It’s a Thursday afternoon. Let’s be honest – it’s the start of the mental weekend, but your body needs to stay in the game to keep your household running another day. Your CrossFit instructor dealt a sinister workout to the class and that extra AMRAP has your legs feeling wobbly.

You’re on your way home to thaw the chicken for dinner when it hits you: you need protein sooner than that. Head to the north side of town, my friend, and let The Mix’s protein shake and energy tea selection save the day. The owners are on a mission to “Get Carson City healthy one person at a time” and their drink menu has everything you need to do just that, whatever your goals may be.

Drink Recommendation: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake. With 24 grams of protein and the taste of dessert, you’ll be full and in a great mood to tackle the rest of your day.

So Juicy

The summer heat is here. It’s Saturday, and you’re walking the double yellow lines of Carson Street because our town has done what is does best and has blocked off downtown to traffic for one of the year’s best Summer Events. Perhaps the street is lined with classic cars, or maybe you’re not sure where the live music you hear in the distance is coming from, but you’re set on finding out. I know the saying is “But first, coffee” but the heat has you rewriting the rules. It’s a smoothie kind of day. Right in the center of downtown Carson City lies So Juicy Juice. Whether you’re looking to try a cleanse, or just in need of a healthy lunch, the staff at So Juicy will gladly listen to your health goals and make a recommendation to help you meet them.

Drink Recommendation: Dragon Smoothie. With dragon fruit acai, strawberry, banana and almond milk, this smoothie is the perfect amount of sweet without overdoing it. Plus, who doesn’t love the hot pink color that blended dragon fruit creates?!

LA Bakery:

If you’ve been to LA Bakery, you know that you don’t walk in with an order in mind. Local practice is to walk in the door, take in the ambient scent, scan the dessert counter a few times, and let the experience of LA Bakery tell you what you’re hungry for. Will it be a pressed panini, or is it more of a Chocolate Decadence Cake kind of day? Right. We’re here to talk about drinks. Whichever direction the appetizing atmosphere leads you, the drink selection at LA Bakery is sure to provide either the perfect complement to your meal or a delicious standalone treat.

Drink Recommendation: Their selection includes coffees, smoothies, and juices but I couldn’t help but take advantage of the limited-time drink specials menu. The Pink Chai takes all the traditional chai spices and adds beetroot powder for a summery, invigorating flavor.

Bubble Tea Corner

The warmest welcome to Carson City’s newest drink shop! Having opened in early 2022, Bubble Tea Corner has become a fast favorite. Next time your errands take you over to Highway 50, stop in for a drink that is sure to shake up your refreshment routine. Offering drinks of all colors of the rainbow, and chewy add-ons like Boba and lychee jelly, Bubble Tea Corner is changing the way many of us drink and snack, while honoring traditions of cultures near and far with innovative recipes.

Drink Recommendations: The level of creativity being served at Bubble Tea Corner calls for two recommendations! One for the unsure, and one for the all-in. If you’ve never tried bubble tea and experienced the sensation of Boba sliding up the straw while you sip, start with the Thai Tea with Boba. If you’re ready for another layer of flavor, try their new Filipino dessert-inspired Halo Halo.

Old World Coffee Lab

Laptop warriors, rejoice. Your dwelling place is revealed. Whether you’re a digital nomad just passing through town, or a local who has decided that “work from home” is way more fun with chatter, music and caffeine, there is a seat for you at Old World with a power outlet and WiFi. Trust that I have tested that you will not be judged for repeat trips back to the counter for refills. Your “take a sip of coffee for every email answered” strategy is not only safe here—it’s celebrated.

Drink Recommendation: Iced Keep Calm and Cherry On Latte. Order with your milk of choice for a fruity (but not too fruity!) twist on a classic favorite.

Comma Coffee

The owner of Comma Coffee says it best: “If life were a sentence, Comma Coffee would be the comma… the pause…the breath… the break between two thoughts.” To step into Comma Coffee is to be invited to unwind. With an eclectic mix of sofas, tables, and comfy chairs, Comma has the perfect place for you. Come with loved ones and nurture your relationship, or come with a book and stay awhile, but either way, come thirsty. Comma offers smoothies, juices, coffees and teas along with their full breakfast and lunch menu. Whatever your day holds, Comma Coffee is ready to fuel it.

Drink Recommendation: The Iced Honey Lavender Latte is the perfect balance of sweet while still being able to enjoy the roast of the coffee.

We all know the feeling when the barista calls your name and slides your drink of choice across the counter. It’s the signal that your day is about to get so much better. It’s the cue that your body and brain are about to get the fuel they need to help you keep being you. Whether you’re fueling up for hikes and road trips, cooling off from summer days, or you’re holding down a table with a friend and a laptop, we hope you’ll explore all of Carson City’s incredible drink shops. Be sure to tag us with your favorites so we can all go try them for ourselves! Happy sipping!