Proprietor Gary Cain has been buying, selling and trading military antiques for over 50 years.  After leaving a successful career in Hollywood, Gary opened Westwall Militaria which has become a highly regarded collector’s destination.  Housed in an historical Victorian mansion, Mr. Cain’s impressive collection includes antique edged weapons encompassing Napoleonic, Victorian, WWI and WWII Militaria including 3rd Reich items.  Rare medals, uniforms, edged weapons, ephemera, aircraft instrument panels, fine art work, flight gear, head gear, field gear, and a book collection/ research library with over 1500 vols for sale and research.  Appraisal services and education outreach is provided free of cost to our community.

Address: 412 N Curry St, Carson City, NV 89703
Phone: (775) 885-7643