In the heart of Carson City, the community center, 851 E. William St., is easily accessible from Highway 395, Highway 50 and Roop Street. It has a 10,000 sq. ft. gymnasium, a large classroom, a commercial kitchen, two meeting rooms and a 783-seat theater.


  • Bob Boldrick Theater – Over 587-seat-theater
  • Bonanza Room – 40 person-capacity meeting room
  • Sierra Room – 80 person-capacity meeting room
  • Comstock Room & Tahoe Room – exercise rooms
  • Commercial kitchen
  • 10,000 sq ft. Gymnasium
  • Typical functions – plays, lectures, movies, concerts, religious services
  • Fitness classes

Bob Boldrick Theater

A well-equipped theater, which can accommodate an evening’s entertainment for up to 783 people (767 general seating, 8 wheelchair and 8 companion). Many successful events have been held at the venue, such as dance competitions, dance recitals, ballets, plays, lectures, concerts, stand-up comedies, cirque-style shows, movies, pageants and musicals.

Special Notes

Rental of Bob Boldrick Theater includes use of the venue’s installed lighting and sound systems, soft goods and single purchase rigging system. Specialized theatrical equipment includes low-lying fog, atmospheric fog/haze, snow and bubbles. Wireless microphones above two channels are also available. They are available at an additional rental per item, per day, on a first-come, first-serve basis. An equipment listing, seating chart, stage diagram and line-set diagram are available. Clients may provide their own technical operators, but must be vetted by Bob Boldrick Theater technical staff. Operators and technicians provided by the venue are subject to availability and a minimum four-hour call.

Bonanza Room

The Bonanza Room, on the east side of the community center, is about 750 sq. ft. and allows for an approximate seating capacity of 40 people when set up theater style with a head table. Two tables and 40 chairs are included in the standard rental fee. Additional tables can be rented; however, no more than six

tables can be accommodated in this room, and the seating capacity is reduced. This room is carpeted, has fluorescent lighting and a multimedia presentation board mounted on one wall.

Sierra Room

The Sierra Room, on the west side of the community center, is approximately 1,457 sq. ft., allowing for a seating capacity of about 80 theater-style. Two tables and 80 chairs are included in the standard rental fee. Additional tables may be rented; however, no more than eight tables can be accommodated, and the seating capacity would be reduced. This room is carpeted, has fluorescent lighting and is also equipped with a sound system and a small hand sink. This room is used by the Carson City Board of Supervisors. Therefore, if a meeting is called, they have bumping rights. In this event, everything possible shall be done to move your event to another room or reschedule it for the earliest date available.

More Information

851 E. Williams St., Carson City, NV 89701

(775) 887-2290


Since the facilities are in high demand, it is recommended that you that you reserve as early as possible. A minimum of 90 days advance notice is requested. Reservations can be made up to two years in advance.

Additional Notes

The facilities are available to both commercial and nonprofit groups. Commercial groups are any groups or organizations that would rent a facility to earn profit from the event. These groups or organizations will be charged either resident or nonresident commercial fees for the use of the facility. The exercise rooms have very limited availability for rental use.

Nonprofit groups are any patriotic, civic charitable, fraternal, religious or service groups. Proof of nonprofit status, such as the Articles of Incorporation or current 501(c)(3), must be provided by these groups. However, nonprofit may also include family events, such as weddings and picnics, whereby proof of nonprofit status is not required.