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First rides begin August 8th!

Explore Carson City’s newest attraction, Carson Canyon Railbike Tours, at the V&T Railway Eastgate Depot! Located at 4650 Eastgate Siding Road (take Highway 50 to Flint Road). These “Made in America” rail bikes are innovative, and easy-to-pedal. Individuals, families or friend groups can easily access the breathtaking beauty of Carson River Canyon and with comfort. Seats slide easily, and the “pedal assist” motors make the 2% grade out of the canyon a cinch! People of all ages can enjoy a scenic ride through the beautiful canyon while socially distancing and getting exercise.

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what to expect

Carson River Canyon Track

  • At the depot, riders purchase their ticket and line up to board the railbike.
  • A team member will greet riders and provide a Covid-19/sanitary briefing and instruction on safe operation of the railbike.
  • A team member will convey to riders what is expected of them and prepare them for the ride down and back.
  • The descent: Riders begin a smooth ride down the Canyon, lightly pedaling together. A brake allows them to glide smoothly along the tracks, following a guide bike.
  • Intermission-Destination: Upon reaching the canyon floor, riders step out of the rail bike to stretch and enjoy a free water/snack provided by V&T, enjoy the views, and take pictures. A Freedom Rail team member will provide a brief talk about the Canyon’s mining boom and rich history. During this break, other team members will turn around the rail bike with a turntable provided by by the V&T in order to prepare for the return trip up the canyon.
  • Trip up the Canyon: Riders can activate the “pedal assist” motors to help with the return trip up the canyon to the depot. Along the way, riders can take pictures from various vantage points, enjoying the Canyon’s grandeur. Once riders arrive at the depot, they may purchase memorabilia at our gift shop. Bikes are sanitized for next ride.
  • Return to the Depot/gift shop: team members will work diligently and efficiently to assure a smooth operation and an enjoyable experience for all while maintaining the bikes to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable journey.
Purchase Tickets and Learn More at V&T Railway Website