Mark Twain Days Writing Contest Submission

You could be the next Mark Twain!

We invite local youth and adults to participate in this exciting new contest as part of the first annual Mark Twain Days Festival. Samuel Clemens first used his famous pen name “Mark Twain” in Carson City in 1863. To enter the contest, follow in the footsteps of Samuel Clemens and create your own pen name. Then write no more than 500 words with the theme, “Yours Dreamily, Mark Twain” which is how the author signed his first letter using his pen name. This theme could include what would you dream for yourself, your community, or beyond; get creative! Entries can be in the form of an essay, a story, or a poem.

Mark Twain was an observer and would reflect back to the reader the truths he saw in the world. The judges will be looking for a distinct narrative style like Twain that could be satirical, irreverent, evocative, or even silly at times.

Winners will have their piece printed in the official event program, have the opportunity to read their piece during the festival, and will be published in the national periodical, the Mark Twain Journal.

Submissions are now closed and winners will be announced soon!

Click here to download the flyer.