To comply with the Governor’s Mitigation Directives for COVID-19, please read the following event requirements thoroughly. Wine Walkers will be required to have a temperature check, wear an appropriate mask (correctly) and sign a waiver at check in. Downtown Ambassadors will be monitoring Wine Walkers for compliance throughout the event.

You may choose from 2 locations when you purchase your tickets. Your tickets will identify your check-in location.

Location 1 is the lot next to Monarch Direct and behind the Carson Tahoe Hotel on Curry St & Washington St.

Location 2 is the lot across from the Carson Nugget on Carson St & Robinson St.

Prices are $20 if you need an official Carson City Wine Walk Glass.
Prices are $15 if you already have an official Carson City Wine Walk glass to use. Glasses that are not OFFICIAL Carson City Wine Walk glasses will not be allowed.

Please understand that it is necessary to make the following changes to our Wine Walk in order to follow the state mandates regarding COVID-19. We are doing everything possible to host an event that everyone can enjoy.

1 – Tickets will only be sold online and quantities are limited.

2 – Businesses will not be allowed to serve any type of food as part of the Wine Walk. Please enjoy one of our excellent Downtown restaurants before the event, between stops or after the event.

3 – Wine Walkers must wear masks inside and when approaching participating businesses. Mask and social distancing requirements must be followed, as established by each business according to state mandate.

4 – You must agree to have your temperature taken at check in.

5 – A protective mask must be worn correctly, throughout the event. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.

6 – A waiver must be signed at check in.

7 – The in-person raffle will not be held, but raffle prizes will be given out via email. Instructions for entry will be provided at check in.

8 – Groups are limited to six people.

Additionally, we ask that you consider and practice the following guidelines:

Please wash your hands with soap & water before leaving your house to attend the Wine Walk.

If you are sick, please stay home. You will be turned away at check in if you have a temperature or appear to be sick.

Throughout the event, please maintain 6 feet of distance from other participants and be courteous to everyone, as others may have preexisting conditions.