Through September 17 | Tues-Sun 12-4p | Exhibition Hall | Brewery Building

San Francisco is synonymous with the 1960’s but most folks don’t realize the integral role that Virginia City, NV played in shaping the counter-culture scene. The first ever psychedelic rock poster was created for a concert by The Charlatans at Red Dog Saloon. Two of the band members designed the poster and changed rock history forever.

Alton Kelly, one of San Francisco’s “big five” psychedelic poster artists is quoted as saying “That poster was ‘the seed’ it started everything for everybody, it was a really important piece”.

The original Red Dog Saloon doors, vintage fashion pieces, and nearly 50 original posters and handbills including the immortal “seed” are on display celebrating the deep impact Nevada had on the roots of psychedelic rock.

$10 suggested donation | $5 suggested donation for seniors/students