The Stevens family invites you to the Remembrance Run, a 5O mile journey from the Yerington Paiute Reservation to the Stewart Indian Museum, to honor the children who survived Indian boarding schools and to remember those who never came home.

We welcome your stories at the mountain camp, very aware that remembering and speaking of these experiences is difficult. For the good of all, we ask that the event begin and end with peace. Like last year, we have approved specific media reps to join us, and SCHH Productions is returning this year to continue filming for the documentary, “Remaining Native.”

Some run with Ku, some walk. Some complete the entire odyssey; others give what endurance they can. It’s not a competitive race. 4WD vehicles can follow along. The conditions are primitive, no services. Participants will need to bring their own support crew, camping equipment, food and drinks. No pets, livestock, or fires.

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