The Carson City Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit is hosting its first Regional K9 Unit Challenge & Demo. The event will be held October 15th at Fuji Park in Carson City from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It brings together K9 teams from numerous agencies across Northern Nevada, and we want all of you to join us! It’s a completely free event in which the various K9 teams will compete in three major disciplines: detection, patrol work, and agility. The competition aspect is a fun way for teams to train, share methodologies between agencies, and demonstrate what K9 teams do.
Event Schedule below:
Main events will be held in the Fuji Park Arena, there are two sets of bleachers for viewing, and there will be food trucks on site along with other vendors and a raffle as well.
At 11:00, there will be a walk-a-thon around the arena, where registered people can interact with the K9s and speak with the handlers.
Starting at noon, the three competitive K9 events will run simultaneously in the arena area. The patrol work scenario will involve a decoy concealed in a search area, and the K9s will be challenged to find and apprehend the decoy as efficiently as possible.
The obstacle course will include A-frames, wall jumps, and simulated car doors among others. The course is deigned to acclimate K9s to different surfaces and environments, so that they’re comfortable in real-world scenarios.
The detection event will be an open area with furniture, to simulate a room or building, and there will be illicit substances hidden throughout.
The handlers and K9s competing will not know where anything is, and they’ll be tasked to find all of the hidden items. In all three events, the best times win, and rankings for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be established with prizes for the placing teams. To close out the event, there will be a joint demonstration with the mounted unit and K9, showing how the animals of law enforcement can work together in a crowd to separate and apprehend a suspect.
There will be K9 teams from agencies all over Northern Nevada, competing and training in full view of the public, and we hope all of you make it out to this event!