Have you ever been in downtown Carson City on weekend and asked yourself “How have I walked past four different live music performances in three city blocks?” Or maybe you’ve glanced up from your outdoor dining scene to see little packs of four to ten people all walking the streets together seeming a litttttle bit happier than most people you know for 1pm?

And then it hits you: It’s the first Saturday of the month. Those people aren’t just walking; they’re Wine Walk-ing.

Whether you’re a veteran Wine Walker, or have never been before, read on for insight on fun things you can expect from the event.

Here’s the thing about Carson City: we love pairing a little libation and a little movement together. It’s what we do best. If you haven’t heard, we recently launched a Triathlon Pass with three beloved local businesses inviting us all to be rewarded as champions for drinking a beer at Shoe Tree Brewing, having a meal at Sassafrass, and taking a dip in the Historic Carson Hot Springs all in one day. BACKLINK. You can take on the Triathlon any day, but once a month when we turn the page on the calendar, we lace up our best walking shoes, grab our official Carson City Wine Walk glass, and hit the streets.

We’re all exited for the free refills, but who is pouring this sacred nectar?

None other than our beloved businesses! Participating businesses will likely make their wine pouring abilities known by marking themselves with signs and/or balloons visible from the sidewalk. After securing your wristband at the Brewery Art’s Center (see here for direct instructions) head towards downtown. While there is no required route, click here to see a map of participating businesses and to plot your course.

By the end of your journey, you’ll be keen on where to purchase your next gift for a loved one, where to go to redecorate your home, where you want to eat for your next date night and more, all to the tune of live music.

For the Explorers and Planners

If you’re someone who loves to plan ahead, be it for a shopping trip or a dinner out, consider Wine Walk your great scouting opportunity. Many businesses host their pouring stations in the center of their stores, giving you the chance to become familiar with the space, check out the inventory, and smell whatever is cooking on the grill. If you’re the type to look up a restaurant’s menu a week before your dinner out, not only will you have the chance to see the menu in person, but there around bound to be lunch platters swirling past you to their tables while you fill your wine glass. It’s a planner’s dream come true. To the urban adventurer, this is your chance to see inside all the buildings, catch the views from several downtown balconies, and know where the alleyways connect. We know you’re a free spirit and won’t be hitting the wine stops in order. Wine walk wherever the wind takes you… within down town of course.

For the Visitors or Staycationers

There has never been a greater reason to grab a hotel in Carson City than for the ease of having a place to drop and reset after a good Wine Walk. If you’re the type of person who might get fomo if you don’t visit every stop on the Wine Walk map, a place to lay your head afterward might be in order. All the better to plan your visit during the summer while the Levitt Amp Free Concert Series is in action. Taste and sip your way through town, grab dinner, and end the night in style with a thousand of your new best friends at the Brewery Arts Center where live music is played every Saturday night through the summer. No need to drive when all the fun is right here! Wine Walk weekend, anyone? Make it a trip!

Be sure to tag us in your Carson City Wine Walk adventures! Leave your cares behind. From 1-5pm on these glorious Saturdays, the only question you need to be prepared to answer is “Red or White?”

Happy Wine Walking!