Drink, Dine, Dip, WIN: Introducing the ‘Triathlon’ Pass

By Carson City local Shelby Holte

Last December we confirmed the rumors that there was local glory up for grabs when we blogged our experience completing the Carson City Triathlon. If you remember the scene, there were peanut butter bacon burgers involved, porters and lagers, and jets of hot water. We all cheered at the opportunity to classify all our meals and baths as official athletic training, but the victory at the finish line of the Carson City Triathlon, though glorious, wasn’t tangible.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Introducing, the Carson City Triathlon Pass, an instantly accessible online pass where you can check in to the three events online. Those who successfully check into all three locations in one day will receive a free t-shirt! That’s right. Visible proof and recognition of your athletic achievements. Bragging rights with receipts. Finally, you can tell that one friend who mountain bikes in Ash Canyon every day that you’re on their level.

If you’ve read this far and you’re not sure how eating, drinking and swimming add up to athleticism…just go with it. Or read up on the local frenzy here (No Pain, All Gain: Taking on the Carson City Triathlon). The triathlon still involves the same three events: a drink from Shoe Tree Brewing, a meal from Sassafrass, and a dip in the historic Carson Hot Springs. The order of operations, however, is up to you.

There is no wrong order here! In December (oh am I about to humble brag about being a two-time triathlete?? Maybe.) we made our stops from left to right when viewing from the parking lot: drinks, dinner, dippage. The summer heat had us rethinking our approach, though. Just as your overly dedicated mountain biking friend rides up Ash Canyon to enjoy the cruise back down, we chose to eat and then swim in the hot water first, and enjoy a brew at Shoe Tree as a cool reward. As you can see, it’s virtually the same approach. Be advised, the triathlon is a free style event. Compete in any order you wish!

Dining and Drinking Favorites

In December we chatted about the wonders of Sassafrass’ Peanutbutter and Bacon Burger. With summer fully underway, a lighter option was in order. Thankfully Sassafrass is a global dining experience, and the diverse menu was up to the task. Strongly recommend the Voodoo Ceasar Salad with your protein of choice for a different take on a summer classic, and the Shrimp Tacos. They were both light but satisfying, creating no issues getting into the pool shortly after.

Keeping with the peanut butter theme from December, Shoe Tree currently has a Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sour on their menu. It’s one of their “gluten reduced” options, making it friendly for those with gluten sensitivities. Choosing from their 18 posted options was nearly impossible for me, so I opted for a flight. I have to say, the PB+J sour was actually quite refreshing! It’s smoother than you might think on the front end and bright at the end. Definitely a trip! If you can’t pick only one to try, fear not. The Triathlon pass comes with a discount off your first pint! Stay a while and try a few!

The Pass

Whichever event you choose to take on first, be sure to start strong by activating your pass here. There are no app downloads necessary to participate and it is completely free to participate! Simply fill in the required information and you’ll instantly receive both a text and an email with a link to your pass. The link takes you to a simple page with buttons for Shoe Tree, Sassafrass, and the Hot Springs. Clicking on the button for your event will prompt you to enter a 4 digit code. These codes will be posted in plain sight on a plaque (think front desk, host/hostess stand, or at the register), or you can ask a staff member to help you find it. Punch in the code, and you’re officially on record as having achieved that third of your endeavor. Successfully entering all three codes in one day will trigger an automatic email from us, with victorious praise in the headline, of course, as well as instructions for receiving your grand prize.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to wear my triathlon tee to every major local event for glory purposes. The Carson City Triathlon has the most inviting starting line around. We hope you take on the task and revel in the glory this summer. Can’t wait to see you around town in your winners’ t-shirt! Be sure to tag us in your attempts so we can cheer you on!