Kick the tires. Check the gas gauge. You’ve decided a road trip to Carson City is your next excursion. As many of us have been getting through the highs and lows of the pandemic, packing up the car for a new adventure could be just the thing you need. And planning a road trip is an ideal alternative if you want to avoid the airport or travel on a budget. Here are some tips to stay safe and sane this summer.


  1. Prepare your ride

Make sure your vehicle is in good order before you put the pedal to the metal. Is your oil topped off? Do you have enough coolant so you can turn up your AC? Are your tire treads in good condition? Hopefully, check, check and check. If you’re traveling through the mountains or lonelier roads, do you have a good playlist or two lined up in your vehicle’s sound system or on your phone? Pack plenty of water, juice and snacks in a small cooler if you’re hitting the road for a few hours or more so you don’t have to stop a lot for roadside fill-ups. Don’t forget a few masks in case you are in a county where masks indoors are needed. Other handy items usually on the not-to-forget list are:

  • Chargers for phones or electronics
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First aid kit
  • Cash, in case there is an emergency
  • Jumper cables and flares
  • A current auto club membership card as AAA

Book your hotel in advance

If you’re going to be spending a couple or few nights in Carson City, it’s always advised to book ahead and book directly. If you belong to rewards clubs, Carson City has many of the well-known hotels available across the country, including Staybridge Suites, ​​Hampton Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott Carson City and My Place Hotel. If you prefer casino/hotels, check out the Gold Dust West Hotel Casino or The Federal Hotel which is next to the Max Casino.

Find rest stops and roadside destinations along the way


If you like to stop on the way to your destination, it’s great to have an idea in your mind on where you would like to stretch your legs. You can use online apps to find parks, rest stops and fun roadside attractions, including the eateries or food stands you remember as a child or new ones you discovered on Instagram. If you’re coming up on I-80 from Sacramento, popular stops such as Ikedas in Auburn and Boomtown in Verdi can make your car ride more memorable.

Plan ahead if you’re with Fido

If you’re traveling with your furry companion, be sure to know the rules at parks, restaurants and hotels. Check for fees and any other restrictions before you go. Make sure your pup has plenty of water, treats and comforting toys and blankets for the ride. Vacationing with your dog can be joyful as you will meet and converse with others throughout your journey. Pets are a great conversation starter and you will get more exercise along the way, likely because you’re walking more around town instead of driving or taking rideshare.

Download the Carson City Visitor Guide

A terrific way to share ideas on what you’d like to see and do is to grab the Carson City Visitor Guide online and set up a loose itinerary. Whether it be a golf game, a ride on the Carson Canyon Railbikes or taking in some Nevada history, there’s plenty to discover in Nevada’s capital city. There are also a wide range of restaurants to choose from for all the foodies out there. When you arrive, don’t forget to stop by the Visitor Center at 716 N. Carson Street for more insights and information about this vibrant area.

Remember to have a good time, relax and get the most out of your trip. Enjoy the road as much as the destination and you’ll have many memories to talk about for years to come. Once you get to Carson City, your adventure awaits with lots of Nevada history, uncrowded and awesome outdoor activities, delicious fare and enriching arts and culture. Have fun on the way home too!