Hobart Reservoir Off-Road Vlog +Blog

By Carson City local Shelby Holte

If you’ve ever taken the drive from Lake Tahoe down into Carson City via Highway 50, you’ve been introduced to the miles and miles of recreation possibilities between our capital city and our favorite lake. The wonder of Carson City is that it sits at the exact point where the terrain turns from desert to alpine. Depending on your desired landscape, you can head east and quickly have a dirt road, a hillside, and a view to yourself, or you can head west and venture up into the trees. Carson City boasts a variety of opportunities to get some dirt on your tires and explore off the beaten path. For ideas for your next off-road adventure, check out this list of our favorites! “Where to Wheel” Today, we’re taking you along for the ride on one of Carson City’s longest and most rewarding off-road trails.

Destination: Hobart Reservoir. Come along for the ride!

If you’re new here, we’re Collin and Shelby Holte. In our free time, we offroad all over Carson City with our two pups, Talulah and PJ. We’ve learned a few things along the way about how to avoid sticky situations off the beaten path, what to pack, and how to stay safe along the way! Below are a few tips to make your next offroad adventure a safe and successful one.

Hobart Reservoir sits at an elevation of 7,650 ft in the Carson Range, and is enjoyed by anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. The reservoir has a fishing season that lasts from May 1 through September 30 each year and offers a peaceful environment for all who make the journey to its shore.

And it is indeed a journey. I raise my hat to anyone who has made the trek on foot. Cheers to your quads and will of steel. Perhaps, one day, I’ll check that climb off my list in an effort to slow down and enjoy the scenery in a deeper way. This week, we took our beloved Suzuki Samurai up the hill for an afternoon in the sun.

How To Get There:

Starting on Ash Canyon Road, pass through the two water tanks onto the dirt path. There is only one fork in the road near the parking lot that eventually rejoins together. After that, there are no directional decisions to make! Follow the road up and West for roughly 5 miles until you come to a gate and signage for the reservoir. The waterfront itself is not accessible by vehicle, but once you reach the top, only a half-mile hike or bike separates you from your destination.

Vehicle and Safety Considerations:

The outdoors are a friend to all, but it’s important to approach certain adventures with proper equipment and safety measures in mind. While there is no signage pertaining to vehicle requirements at the parking lot, this road is unpaved and at times hits grades higher than 10%. Four-wheel drive,  high clearance, and trustworthy breaks are a must for anyone taking on this drive. The road is well maintained, but is narrow and has no guard rails. There are steep drop-offs for most of the drive. Take it slow, and if you come upon a car driving in the opposite direction, don’t be afraid to pause and make a plan!

After the fourth mile of the journey, the road levels out, but cell service is limited. Always pack plenty of food and water, as well as a first aid kit. And remember, from the center of town, you are increasing your elevation by nearly 3,000 feet! Be sure to bring extra layers of clothing so that you can comfortably enjoy the view. Be mindful of wildlife as well as you change environments.

Seasonal Sightings and Packing List:

As of our trip on June 2nd, the wildflowers were present through various elevations on the trip. Their presence creeps higher as the temperatures in the valley rise. Head out sooner than later to see your favorites. If you love capturing images of nature, be sure to pack the camera! We saw quite a variety of birds as well. Consider the binoculars for your packing list, too! The reservoir is home to/stocked with various species of trout throughout the season. Be sure to review guidelines for lures and hooks before your trip.

We hope you enjoy a day exploring the mountains of Carson City! Take it slow and enjoy the view! If you snap any pictures along the way, be sure to tag @visitcarsoncity so we can cheer you on!