Spring has most definitely sprung in Carson City. We’re going to need to run, not walk, to see these beautiful spring blossoms because we’re in peak bloom here in Carson City and there’s only a couple days left to get your dose of dose of spring magic. Below are some of the best places to get your fix.

1 ) The Capitol Grounds & The Legislature

Well, there’s only one tree that blossoms turn pink in front of the Capitol building, but the real magic is in front of the Legislature building multiple trees are full of pink and white blossoms for the best instagrammable moment.


2) Around McFadden Plaza & Down Carson Street 


The area across the street from the Legislature building is McFadden Plaza, home of the beautiful historic St. Charles Hotel and The Fox Brewpub and an array of wonderful other restaurants and businesses, the entire block around the plaza, especially 3rd & Curry Street has trees in bloom as well. If you’re driving or up for a walk, the white blooms will put a smile on your face all the way to the Nevada State Museum to the North.

3) Winnie Street

Spring blossoms winnie street in Carson City

Head up Carson Street to the North and hang a left on Winnie Street for beautiful sidewalks lined with neon pink. This area is usually the last to blossom but one of the most worthy to see.


4) College Parkway

White and pinks line the road of College Parkway north of town towards Western Nevada College. Put on a good tune, roll down the windows and just have yourself a moment.

5) Almost Anywhere

The 3 mentioned above are the easiest to get to and see but this time of year you’ll be sure to see blossoms sprinkled all throughout our Historic West Side along the Kit Carson Trail and throughout the city. We hope you enjoy the scenery and maybe stop for a bite in between the sights. We hope you follow the colors.

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