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In the May 2016 edition of Bike Magazine, writer Kurt Gensheimer, highlighted Carson City as the emerging mountain bike destination it is. Battle Born: A former frontier city embraces a new kind of rider, opens by diving into the misconceptions about Carson City and then tearing them apart.


“How far is Carson City from Las Vegas? About 20 minutes closer than Lake Tahoe” or “Isn’t Carson City nothing but dry barren desert?”

We know from living here that northern Nevada is nothing like Las Vegas and Carson City is neither dry nor barren, but it is great to have others reinforce what we already know. Places like Spooner Lake, Marlette Lake, and even the timbered upper slopes of Ash Canyon are only pedals away.  The author touches on Carson City’s roots as being critical to understanding our appeal for mountain biking.  “Carson City hasn’t changed much in the last 150 yrs” It still has the rough and ready vibe where community pride is high and people get things done with spit and a handshake. But things have changed in the last 150 yrs. The recreational trail systems and open spaces have increase over the last decade with the partnerships between the city of Carson City, state and federal agencies, and local advocacy groups like Muscle Powered.  And while the trail system has improved dramatically over the last 10 years, it is the next 10 years that is the most exciting as plans call for building more trails and legitimizing the social/illegal trails.  Carson City sees the potential trails have for recreation and tourism benefits.

Todd Sadow of Epic Rides was quoted in saying “In all the events I have ever put on, we have never had the permits delivered so quickly as in Carson City.  Epic Rides is a 3 day international mountain biking event coming to Carson City June 17-19, 2016.

The bottom line is Carson City is a year round outdoor recreation destination with a rich and significant history located right in the center of everything else you would want to do in northern Nevada.


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