“The history and stories of Virginia City are as unique, rich and colorful as the streets and buildings themselves. One must see Virginia City to even remotely understand it. It’s a living, breathing example of America’s fortitude and desire to achieve.

At its peak, Virginia City was a thriving, vibrant metropolis of 25,000 residents. Located just 15 miles north east of Carson City, Nevada in the Virginia Range and in the shadow of Mount Davidson, its hills made millionaires. Silver and gold was buried deep beneath her streets and men and women traveled from around the world to live and work. Miners pulled millions of dollars from shafts and tunnels 3,000 feet beneath the thriving town. The spirit of those Comstock “originals” still inhabits the places where they once worked, lived, worshiped, educated and died.

Today, visitors to Virginia City can walk with these past residents. Pack your passion and imagination for this authentic step back in time.

Ride the V&T Railroad, a separate ride from the Carson City V&T Railway, along the same routes travelers took more than 100 years ago to explore mansions, mines, museums, Old West-style saloons and live entertainment. There is no place quite like Virginia City. Whether you’re taking the V&T Railway (May-Nov) up to Virginia City or day tripping there from Carson City via car, we highly recommend taking the trip to step back in time. Learn More:  visitvirginiacitynv.com

Some favorite attractions in Virginia City:

  • Pipers Opera House
  • Upside Down Church
  • Mine Tours
  • Walking Tours
  • Comstock Adventure Pass
  • Historic 4th Ward School
  • Mackay Mansion