The Mexican Ditch Trail is one of the longest, easiest trails in Carson City. The path stretches about 4 miles from the Moffat Space Open Property to the Mexican Dam on the Carson River. The northern half is in a residential area, and the southern half is rural and more natural.
The Mexican Ditch is an irrigation waterway created for Silver Saddle Ranch. This historic area now serves as one of Carson’s favorite recreation spots. It’s accessible year-round, although it may be a bit muddy after rain or snow.
The popular attraction on this trail is the end: the Mexican Dam. This spot along the Carson River is peaceful and away from civilization. The running water drowns out most other noises and there’s plenty of space to find a place to hang out for a break.

This trail has almost no elevation gain, and there are many parking areas giving access to different spots. You can make this a very long hike, or pick a section and go for a short walk. It all depends on how much time and energy you have. Plus with the completion of several nearby trails, the Mexican Ditch Trail is a backbone connecting many trails. The trail is described as decomposed granite and multi-use for pedestrians, bicycles and equestrian use.
The residential part of the trail follows along the backyards of houses. One side borders a fence, and the other is bushy with trees and shrubs along the ditch waterway. The middle section of the trail puts you on the outskirts of the city life as you start to see farm animals. There’s sheep, horses and goats that might come greet you and beyond, there’s cattle grazing in fields.