Just 25-minutes from Carson City and you can feast your eyes on one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Tahoe. Many visitors enjoy staying in Carson City to avoid the heavy traffic and at-times crowded attractions in the summer. Twelve square miles of Lake Tahoe sit in Carson City limits, enjoy secluded, beautiful beaches like Secret Cove, Skunk Harbor and Chimney Beach in that area. We recommend the Secret Beach and Chimney Beach Loop for more intermediate hikers. Fair warning, Secret Cove is clothing optional and not always family-friendly. There are infinite things to do and see around Tahoe for everyone. One of our favorite activities is driving the 72-mile loop around Lake Tahoe, named one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

Lay of the Land

The Lake is split into two sections, North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. With incredible world-class ski resorts, stunning hiking trails, water sports, boat tours, and beaches on both sides of the lake, you can’t go wrong making a day trip out of this majestic wonder. Check out our partners websites to learn more.