They goat-packed the 172 mile Tahoe Rim Trail.
Now they’ll take you hiking!
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Morning Walk With Goats

Come on a walk and fall in love with the quirky personalities of The Goateo. They’ll even carry your water and snack (included) since they will be wearing their saddles and panniers! You’ll walk through quiet neighborhoods and out into a view of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range! Kids over 13 can come along. (Apologies but no restroom facilities available) –  Book through or on TripAdvisor!

River Walks With Goats

Beginning March 1st: You will be treated to sweeping views of Prison Hill and the Carson Range as you travel through a working ranch, groves of cottonwood, and past historic ranch machinery. Bird watchers will love this 10 mile out and back trail too.  A bottle of water and a snack are included, which the goats will carry for you because they will be wearing saddles and panniers! We will even bring the baby! Everyone over 13 years old is delightedly welcome, so come learn the quirky personalities of The Goateo!

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