Carson City is home to some beautiful fairways but one stands out for it’s uniqueness in addition to it’s views: the Cadillac Driving Range at the Silver Oak Golf Course, with its inspired approach featuring buried vintage cars hand-painted by students of the National Art Education Society from Doral Academy Red Rock. The Silver Oak Golf Course designed the range using vintage cars that have been collected since 1974. The art on the cars at the range was inspired by Carson City’s deep history, with the addition of a ‘Vegas Strong’ dedication car in memory of the 58 victims lost at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in 2017.

Carson City’s hidden golf gems are some of the many activities visitors can enjoy when they explore the silver state. Simply put, Carson City is the best-kept secret for recreational golf in the West for its unbeatable prices and mesmerizing scenic backdrop. Check out other Carson City Golf Courses.