A Locals Look At Fat Tire Biking In Carson City

by Randy Gaa


There is a growing fat bike community in Carson City, and many of the local trails lend themselves to an enjoyable fat biking experience. While any trail is a good trail for a fat bike, there are a few in the area that stand out as exceptional.

One of the most popular trails in Carson City is the Ash to Kings Trail, which offers an excellent riding experience for both standard and fat tire mountain bikes. My personal preference is to start the ride from the King’s Canyon side, climbing up NF-039 (aka King’s Canyon Road) until you reach the marque, and then hop on to the single track and ride it all the way to Ash Canyon. You get the climbing done early in the ride and then enjoy a long and very flowy descent back to Ash Canyon over one of the best trails in the region.

The Clear Creek Trail is another favorite that sees a lot of traffic year-round. The official trailhead is at Jacks Valley School, but many trail users travel less than a half a mile west on Jacks Valley Road and park in the dirt lot on the north side of the road. The 10.5-mile trail has a gradual 5 percent grade, the first few miles of which tend to stay clear of snow in the winter due to exposure to the sun. There are a few sandy spots along the trail, which makes it particularly fun to ride on a fat bike. I have always enjoyed the spur that leads to Knob Point. It’s a great spot to stop and enjoy the views. From there, you have the option of continuing on another 3.5 miles to the end of the trail or simply making Knob Point your turn-around spot and heading back to the trailhead. Either way, it’s a fun ride on a fat bike.

When the snow is deep, many fat bikers head to the V&T rail-trail in northwest Carson City. Located just off Comb’s Canyon Road, it’s easy to get to and has plenty of parking. The off-road portion of the trail is a short 3-mile round trip that has just the right amount of small hills to make it a really fun fat bike snow ride. When you wake up on a weekend to a fresh blanket of snow from an overnight storm, the V&T is the first place you want to take your fat bike.